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Research papers, term papers, essays and other types of writing assignments are difficult to complete when you are overwhelmed with other academic tasks and responsibilities. That’s why thousands of students across the country turn to for professional, high-quality assistance reviewing, editing, proofreading, and writing academic assignments in any subject. Picking a good writing service can be tricky as well, which is why we’ve collected student reviews from the web and conducted tests of our own to provide unbiased information on how well this company performs in delivering well-written and structured assignments to students.

Types of Services allows students to choose their own writing experts to do their assignments. All writers are native-English speakers with university and graduate degrees from accredited and reputable educational institutions. All work is done entirely from scratch and will be delivered to students discreetly and on-time. Students also have the opportunity to get free revisions done without having to pay extra, as long as the request is made within 10 days after receiving initial delivery.



The site’s design and organization is outstanding. It’s easy to navigate from page to page and place orders after opening an account. Next, students simply submit order details, submit payment through the site’s secure checkout, receive updates for their orders, and download completed assignments. Since all papers are written by professionals that students can choose, all assignments are of the highest quality.

Prices and Payment


The prices and payment systems are exceptional. Writing starts at $17.55 per page, Editing starts at $11.70 per page, and Proofreading starts at $9.94 per page. also throws in plenty of freebies, including free revisions, free bibliographies, free title pages, and a free plagiarism report to prove to students that no material has been taken or copied from other sources.

Guarantees specializes in all disciplines and has hundreds of writers to choose from. Students mentioned that there is never any trouble finding at least a dozen or so writers that can meet the specific requirements and possess the knowledge to write on any subject. All information is kept confidential so no one will know the assignment was written by an expert and delivery is guaranteed to be made well before the deadline to give students enough time to check the writing and request revisions if necessary.

Customer Support

(10/10)’s customer support team is great and their various options for connecting with them are all easy to use. Students point to the team’s ability to respond quickly to all inquiries and provide order updates within minutes. Customer support takes the time to completely understand what students need and will address their concerns. There are three ways to contact them: chat, email and phone.

Pros & Cons


A great website is visually and very easy to use. The site is Norton Secured so all of your personal and financial information will be protected.

The checkout process is quick and reliable. Opening an account is simple and you can store information for future use.

Orders are sent discreetly to your personal email. You can also download your completed assignment right from the website.



Verdict puts customers first. After opening an account, students can search and evaluate writers to ensure they select someone who can handle their assignments without any problems. All writers and editors are native-English speakers and have advanced degrees in their field. This ensures that there will be no problems researching and writing assignments while maintaining accurate use of terminology and citation style for the field. On-site student reviews all mention the speed in which assignments are completed and the high level of writing that exceeded their expectations. Excellent, affordable service all around.


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