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Editing will help you get excellent grades. Review is an assignment writing service dedicated to helping students at all levels in the fields of Math & Statistics, Humanities, Sciences, and Language Arts. They handle all types of papers of varying lengths and can take on urgent orders when students are overwhelmed and stressed about an approaching deadline. For this review, we have searched the web for unique student experiences and have conducted tests of our own by visiting the site for evaluation and placing several orders with different circumstances.

Types of Services

The company has been in business for nearly a decade and has put together a team of over 500 experts covering the four areas of study described above. It caters services to high school, college, and MBA students. You need only to open an account, give directions, and then choose from its large pool of writing experts. You will be put in direct contact with your chosen writer and after discussing the details you can sit back and relax. All work will be custom-written so there is no chance plagiarism.



The quality of each assignment we ordered through the site was extremely high. Particularly, we were impressed with larger assignments such as theses and dissertations which were completed in a matter of days and were completely free of errors. Shorter assignments were also well-written and aligned perfectly with the details we provided. All orders arrived on time and with plenty of room to spare. Although there was no need to request revisions, we did so on a few occasions and didn’t have any trouble getting newer versions sent to us before the original deadline.

Prices and Payment


Pricing is an important factor for students who are on a tight budget. We found that the starting pricing points for proofreading, editing, and writing are similar to those at other top-rated sites. As assignments do vary in length and scope, the quoted price for each will be different. However, students do get find out what the price will be when all details have been discussed, so there are never any surprises at checkout.

The payment processing system is also very easy to use and is secure with the latest online protection through the use of PayPal. With larger orders (excepting $500) students have the option to pay as you go instead of having to pay for the entire order at once.


(10/10) guarantees that all work is done from scratch. This means that no portion of your order will be copied or paraphrased without proper citation. They don’t reuse work that was written prior to your order and they will never resell an assignment to anybody else even if the requirements are similar by nature. The company also provides free revisions to the assignment within 10 days of delivery. And since all transactions are handled over PayPal, your funds are protected and can be returned to you through its format.

Customer Support


This is an important characteristic of any academic writing service. There will be cases when you may need to place an urgent order, so being able to reach customer support hours before an important deadline can be a deciding factor in hiring. From what we experienced, as well as what we found students on the web mention, the customer support at is excellent. You can reach them by phone, email, or chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Wait times are tremendously low and you will always be able to reach your writing expert directly for project updates.

Pros & Cons

The pros are many. The recent site design (2017) makes it much easier to find exactly what you need in a few clicks. There is a blog that features many great articles and there are free resources you can use to improve your writing ability. There are no cons that we can think of and most of the student reviews we read on the web arrived at a similar conclusion.


There is nothing not to like about It’s affordable, has helped thousands of students in its 9+ years in the industry, and has built a team of 500 writers and editors that have experience writing across a number of academic fields. The company has 40+ support managers on staff ready to answer all of your questions and ensure you don’t have any problems ordering, paying, and receiving your assignment. A team of 12 system engineers is also there to guarantee your personal info stays safe and completely confidential.


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